Best Overland Shovels for camping

  • By: Anthony Paton
  • Date: September 16, 2023
  • Time to read: 6 min.

A good overland shovel is a necessary tool for any adventure that takes you into deep terrain. It can be used to break tough soils, sand or mud which may prove difficult on your own with just hands alone but luckily there’s this trusty little implement called an “overland shovel”.

Carrying a recovery shovel along is always necessary for those that explore areas with rough roads or places affected by snow. A good quality one will not fail to be found in my Fj Cruiser when I go on any trip next to the rooftop tent, and it’s never too late before having this tool ready.

Did you know that an overland shovel is more than just a tool for digging? In this article, we’ll talk about some of the many ways to use one and why it’s so important.

What can a Overland Shovel be used for? 

  • Clear a bush for an overland truck or tent
  • Digging a latrine
  • Building a fireplace and also putting out a fire
  • Helping break the soil or mud when a vehicle is stuck
  • Can be used to stack loose rocks to improve the trucks approach angle.

Factors to Consider when Choosing A Good Overland Shovel

Blade type – The sharp-pointed blade will be more effective at penetrating the ground or even hard soils that are difficult to break. Super Shovel by Krazy Beaver does a tremendous job in this because of its spikes, which make it perfect for digging holes through anything you can throw down into them.

Handle – The handle of my shovel is made from a variety of materials, each with their own advantages. Fiberglass and aluminum are both strong but less prone to breakage than wooden handles or steel ones they can last longer if used appropriately in the first place too! My favorite type? Wood it’s affordable and easy enough for me replace if needed without having any trouble finding just what you want at your local store around here.

Grip type – There are two main types of grips in a shovel, the T-shape and D. The first one feels more comfortable for me because it allows my hands to grip better with less chance that I’ll drop into any soft earth beneath me this shape also lets out some resistance when uprooting deep rooted plants which is good practice before we start digging up ground just so you can plant flowers. On top of that ,smaller or larger hands can be accommodated by either type but personally prefer using those without too many tendons on hand since they’re usually easier work than plowing through solid bulk matter like soil.

Shovel length – A long shovel is light and easy to work with because there’s less bending. A short one may be good for people who are shorter than average height, but it too becomes handy when you need a compact tool that can reach places other tools cannot go such as tight spaces or spots near cliffs edge where taller equipment wouldn’t fit well at all, especially if we’re talking about safety issues here.

Best Overland Shovels

1. Krazy Beaver Shovel

The Krazy Beaver Shovel is a tough and reliable tool for any job. It’s made from robust materials that can handle even the most challenging of terrains, with its sharp teeth reaching deep into hard soil or ice covered ground to break through it beautifully.The D grip shape at hand means you don’t have far wander off while using your digging equipment making this perfect overlanding/camping companion; there are also some little storage compartments located near these handles where emergency essentials. It will fit snugly when needed so they’re always close by without weighing down on one’s pack later during long walks between campsites.


The Crazy Beaver is without doubt the ultimate best overland shovel based on a personal experience and popular opinion across overlanding communities.
This 40 inch long handle will allow you to work more comfortably, with less bending or straining needed while cleaning up your campground after use.

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2. Tyger Auto Shovel

This shovel is a 16 in 1 tool, by saying this I mean it has so many parts inside and thus can perform different tasks. It lets you out of almost any type situation with its multiple uses.

Not only does this shovel have an ax and saw on the blade, but it also comes with extra tools that are a bottle opener, firelighter knife screwdriver ice pick disgorger hacksaw whistle. I believe if you’re looking for multifunctional tooling then this one is worth checking out.

This military grade shovel is the best for any task you can imagine. The blade has an angle that allows it to be used as a hoe or even just digging in one direction, while still having enough power when angled towards yourself with this tool. It also works well as both hammer and pickaxe thanks its solid backside.

Tyger Auto Shovel combines a sickle blade with an axe head, all in one. There’s also tubes made of aluminum that can be adjusted depending on your preferred length to make it 24 inches long or 30 for shorter folks. If you are looking for an overland shovel and axe package then look no further than this unique product from Tyger Incorporated.

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3. Rhino USA Offroad Shovel

Rhino USA Offroad Shovel

The shovel was launched by a father and son from California. The sturdy, lightweight tool can be used for any task from lawn care to hunting games in your backyard with its compact size that won’t take up much room when not in use.

The shovel has a tough pick axe and saw teeth that can break through snowbanks. This is the best survival tool for off road applications.

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4. Iunio Folding Shovel

The Iunio folding shovel is the perfect tool for every car or truck. This multifunctional, lightweight and durable piece of equipment will last you through any condition with its extra density it’s strong enough to withstand anything So don’t be worried about weight because at four pounds six ounces (or less), this product weighs less than most people expect a sturdy metal blade to weigh, in fact they’ll probably think twice before getting into an accident again thanks so much as their new “shovel” saving time lost while trying find something appropriate from store shelves.

Iunio Folding Shovel

The shovel is a versatile tool that can be used for any job. It has extension bars, so you don’t have to worry about bending over and scooping up what’s on your floor plus other parts such as the whistle, bottle opener or pickax depending how much self expression matters in this situation.

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5. Zune Lotoo Survival Shovel

This shovel is a must for all aspiring survivalists. The Zune Lotoo Shovel has 23 tools in one and can be used on road trips, while camping or out of the forest to name just some places this amazing tool could come handy. It’s made with martensitic stainless steel that makes it super durable so you won’t need any other gear when exploring your surroundings during an emergency situation. Plus its foldable design means easy storage space anywhere no matter what kind of lifestyle we lead today.

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The overland shovel is a must-have for any adventurous person. Many people use them to dig their way out of situations they find themselves in, and this tool can also be used as an emergency weapon.

The best part about these tools?  They’re easy enough that even those who have never held one before will pick up on how it works quite quickly making sure we are always prepared when our plans go south or something unexpected happens along the way. To conquer your next adventure travel with confidence knowing there’s no need worry too much if something gets lost having extra supplies just means more time spent going instead getting stuck because you ran low first.

The bottom line, don’t forget that an overland shovel is a tool like any other and it needs to be properly maintained with care.

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