How Can You Paint a Canvas Tent?

  • By: Anthony Paton
  • Date: March 15, 2022
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Canvas tents are ideal shelters for events and camping outdoors alike.

They’re also dull to see, which raises to be asked…

Can you paint a canvas tent?

You can certainly paint your canvas tent to create a unique personalized appearance. If you’re looking for a way to personalize the look of a canvas tent for your event or business or even to add some flair to your basic off-white camping tents with paint splashes is an excellent alternative.

Different Kinds of Paint Can You Use on Canvas Fabric?

Let’s take a look at the options for paint and choose the ideal type of paint for your Canvas tent material.

Latex paint and acrylic are the main two choices, acrylic is always better.

If you’re looking to paint a tent that will be used outdoors, then acrylic paints are the way. Though fast drying and going on fairly quickly is not near as weather resistant when compared with latex paints which makes them perfect for outdoor use in my opinion.

To make sure your canvas tent is water-resistant, you’ll need to use waterproof paint. Arteza Outdoor Acrylic Paint can resist moisture and stick even in extreme temperatures so it won’t peel or crack on contact with rainwater.

Arteza Outdoor Acrylic Paint Set

Arteza Outdoor Acrylic Paint Set

You can also paint your tent with Rit Dye. This process works well if you want to change the color of an entire structure, like a white canvas shelter into blue for example!

Rit Liquid Dye

If you want to dye your tent, be sure that it has not been waterproofed with any sealant products. canvas will resist the penetration of most dyes and colors come out more vibrant if given time for soaking into fabric before being applied to surface.

Step by Step on How to Paint a Canvas Tent 

Painting and alter the color of the canvas is a quick and easy four-step procedure that anyone can follow. Let’s begin!

1) Roll Out Your Tent Flat

Set the tent on a flat, level surface, making sure the tent’s fabric is as tight as is possible to reduce the chance of wrinkles or paint overlap.

2) Make Sure You Clean Your Tent

Acrylic paint isn’t able to stick to tent fabrics that are dirty. Be sure to clean thoroughly and dry the canvas prior to painting it. Doing this is the primary reason why the paint will not properly adhere to the canvas tent.

3) Apply Paint Your Tent

Here’s the time for what’s fun!

For painting your tent on canvas you’ll have several choices for applying the paint rollers, paintbrushes, as well as spray guns comprise the most common three.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages You’re not restricted to a single option. It’s likely that you might choose to combine none of these options are available to achieve the style you desire.

  • Rollers are perfect for painting large spaces, or for applying paint to an all-encompassing tent.
  • The airbrushes or paint sprayers are great for drawing hand-drawn designs on your tent or cover large areas in a short time according to how big the nozzle. Be sure to read the labels on the paint because you might require thinner to increase the viscosity of the paint when you are using this method.
  • A paint brush is an excellent choice for stencils as well as free-hand designs.

Whatever method you pick you might want to start at the top, and work your way toward the bottom corner like the paper was the notebook. Be cautious when looking over the work you’ve just completed because it could cause smears of paint. If you’re required to apply an additional coat, make sure to wait for the paint to dry before applying more coats.

4) Let the Paint to Dry

Let the paint dry completely before you attempt to move your tent in order to prevent scratches. It is possible to place a fan over the tent, or let the breeze from outside accelerate the drying process.

How to Maintain Your Painted Canvas Tent

If you cleaned your tent thoroughly prior painting it and applied an acrylic paint that is weatherproof and durable the tent will keep its style for an acceptable length of time.

There are other steps we can take to ensure the tent is maintained that include:

  • Make sure to clean your tent using mild soap and sponge. The use of a power sprayer or high-pressure hoses can reduce the life of paint.
  • Do not pitch or place your tent in direct sun for prolonged periods because it may discolor and wear off the paint as well as the fabric quicker.
  • Paint should be touched up if you spot any cracks chipping, fade, or cracks.
  • Do not put your tent in bags when it is it is not in use. Simply roll it up and fold it so as not to scratch or scratch the paint.
  • Check that you keep your tent’s canvas dry prior to placing it in storage, since they are susceptible to mildew and mold growth, which could reduce the lifespan of the paint (especially when you must scrub the fabric in order to remove the mold).

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