Guide on How to Fold a Pop Up Tent

  • By: Anthony Paton
  • Date: July 5, 2022
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The best part about pop up tents is that they’re so quick to set up. Just unfold the tent and you’re ready for anything.

It’s a good thing we have this guide to help you learn how make the most out of your camping experience. First off, let us show what it takes for folding up pop-up tents because that right there is not so easy.

How to Pack Up a Pop Up Camping Tent?

For those who are new to camping, or want a refresher on how people set up tents in different situations and weather conditions. The following list should help you out with some tips that will lead your tent’s setup process more efficiently.

Here are the instructions for how to fold your pop up tent. The process is similar across all models, but some may differ in design or size proportions from those shown below nevertheless this should give you a good idea on where and what parts go when setting up one of these portable houses.

Helpful Tips To Know Before folding a Pop up Tent 

  • Make Sure tent Is Clean: The best way to store your tent is by making sure that it’s clean and dry before you go into storage for the season. This will help prevent any damage from occurring, as well as keep bugs away.

You can clean the tent thoroughly by using a damp sponge with water and mild soap. Try not do so before they dry out as then your washing will be more difficult since once this happens if there is any possibility of getting them off you may have better luck using products containing bleach which might help remove some markings on fabrics/colors.

  • Make Sure Tent Is Not Wet: In order to make sure your tent stays in great condition, don’t pack up a wet or dirty one. Not Letting it dry can lead to damage and mold build up so let the fabric sit at least an hour in the sun before you fold away for storage.
  • Remove Stakes: Before you start packing up the tent, remove all of its metal stakes. These will keep your shelter grounded and make sure it doesn’t fly away. Before washing or drying off any stored items like stakes after use, first untether them by removing each individual one from their resting place in order to avoid tangling with other nearby objects during cleaning time.
  • Remove Extra Items: Make sure you remove any extra items from the tent like tarps and rain covers before folding up your shelter.

Take down your pop up tent with ease by following these simple steps. It’s always best to be safe than sorry, so before we get started make sure that you have taken all of the necessary precautions first.

Here’s how to take down a pop-up tent without any hassle.

Follow these general directions and you’ll be all set up in no time.

The process is the same for most pop up tent models. If your manual isn’t available, we’ve outlined what needs to happen below:

Step 1: Bring the two top Corners of the tent together.

To get into position, find the two high arches on either side of your tent and grasp them between both hands. Bring their tips together as if they were clapping to help open up 360 degrees worth of space.

Step 2: Bring back the end of the tent to fold 

With one hand, grab the arch near your tent back and pull it toward you. Once all three ends meet in this position transfer them over into a single hand so that they are held together tightly against their original holder on either side.

Step 3: Join the front arch points together

You want the tent door open for air, so too should it be equipped with an exit to fold up. With one hand on top of the arch and towards its front edge (from above), bring it inward until there’s no more room inside before folding over at that point just like closing a taco shell.

Step 4: Fold tent inwards

Tilt your tent upwards and keep a firm grip with one hand, then rapidly turn it until the apex is facing down. Next use that same arm to push down on top of where you want it pitched and watch as the other side lowers itself into place.

Step 5: Rotate the tent and fold over

While maintaining a firm grip with one hand, turn your tent upwards. Next use that same arm to push down on top of where you want it pitched and watch as the other side lowers itself into place.

Step 6: Hold down firmly

Only use the feature if your pop up tent has it. Otherwise, hold down firmly until you’ve stored where ever needed in order for this not happen again.

Step 7: Put tent into tent bag.

Place your tent carefully in the bag and zip it up. Make sure that when you fold out a flap, like at doorways or under equipment racks for ventilation purposes, there’s enough room between folds to account for this airflow so nothing is touching any fabrics on one side without overlapping onto another part of its surface area. Last but not least cinch or seal whatever closing mechanism applies best.

Fold and unfold your pop up tent with ease using these folding guidelines. It’s easy to do when you know how.

How to Fold a Pop Up Tent

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