How to Protect Tent Floor From Cot Legs

  • By: Anthony Paton
  • Date: June 23, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Ways to Protect your Tent Floor From Bed Legs 

When sleeping outdoors, elevate your bedding and yourself with camping cots. These lightweight aluminum frames provide stability for an improved night’s rest on firm ground or at the beach.

One major drawback about cots is that the frame can damage your tent.

The problem is so common that we set out to find the best ways of protecting your tent floor from cot legs poking through and making a mess. We want you have good rest without damaging anything, including our precious tents.

Caster Cups

Caster cups can be a useful and affordable way to protect your tent’s floor from any accidents that may happen when you’re camping. I highly recommend them for this purpose, as they will also help save the cot pads.

Caster cups are perfect for protecting your tent floor and can be used in many different sizes. They’re inexpensive, too.

CasterMaster Caster Cups

caster cup

Floorless Tent

Perhaps the most effective method to protect the legs of a cot from causing damage to the flooring in your tent would be to make use of an unfloored tent.

Tents with floorless roofs are becoming increasingly loved by campers. Primarily for the reasons listed below:

  • Excellent space-to-weight ratio This means they’re spacious and comfortable but still lightweight and portable for backpacking and hiking.
  • It is easy to add a stove to your camping tent.
  • It is easier to express yourself.
  • More secure to cook in than tents that are more conventional.
  • You can also add your own floors or liners should you want to.

Of course, they’re not for everyone however, if you’re on the search for an innovative camping tent and you want to try this style of tent camping Try it.

Cot Booties

Cot booties are small pieces of fabric that you can put over your cot’s feet to protect it from damaging the tent floor. Putting these on will help keep any wounds or holes in the foot itself, rather than letting them get torn upwards where they’re more likely not only see daylight but also let air seep through into other areas below creating a Lifesaving situation.

Cot booties are a great way to keep your feet clean from dirt, mud or germs when you need quick transport inside and out.

Slumberjack Cot Booties

Puzzle Mats

Soft foam puzzle mats are a great way to add comfort and protection for your tent. They also help insulate the ground from being too cold, which can be especially helpful when camping in wintertime.

With puzzle mats, you can quickly build your own mat in minutes. Just take the number of squares needed to protect either under a cot or entire tent floor and put it together with ease.

Foam Puzzle Mat

Footless Cot

The Coleman ComfortSmart Cot is a cot with soft rubber feet that can be set up anywhere. It’s perfect for camping trips where you need to take extra space in your tent.

The Coleman ComfortSmart cot is perfect for camping because it evenly distributes weight across each long bar that supports your tent, ensuring no part of the floor gets damaged by conveniently placing weights on them.

Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

Wood Planks

Cutting down wood planks and placing them under your cot feet is a great way to protect the bottom of your tent. Simply cut it down into easily transportable size before storing at home or on vacation.

Make sure you don’t go too small or the corners will poking out from underneath your tent. And make a rounded surface on top, not sharp edges that could cut through flooring.

Wood planks are an excellent way to level your cot. Simply place them under the legs of where you will be sleeping on uneven ground, and it’s guaranteed that no matter what slope or incline is present in this area there will be enough support for yourself.

Extra Blankets

For a simple, but effective way to stay warm on those chilly camping trips and even in your home during cold weather bring an extra blanket with you.

As opposed to a tarp, which is lightweight and compact enough for backpacking or hiking in cold weather conditions but not as good at controlling temperature fluctuations. A blanket will help you stay warm when out camping during colder times of year that require more insulation capacity than just the fly on your tent offers alone.

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