What Color Tent Is Coolest in Hot Weather?

  • By: Anthony Paton
  • Date: June 23, 2022
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Camping is about spending time with friends and family, getting closer to nature, and simply escaping from life’s distractions.

And not about trying to survive in a sweltering hot tent.

You need to find the right tent color for you and your family. Choose one that will keep everyone cool, but also protect from threats!

Does Tent Color Matter?

Your tent color can have a big impact on how much heat it absorbs. Different colors reflect light differently, so they absorb varying levels of radiant energy and emit that as infrared rays which penetrate deeper into your sleeping bag’s insulation than other frequencies allow for better cooling at night time.

Your tent’s color also has other practical uses. Your tent should:

  • Blend in with its surroundings, while remaining visible to you in case of emergencies
  • Not attract cats, bears, critters, and other wildlife

Bright Color Tents

Bright Color Tents

A tent is a safe haven for sleepers on nights that are cold and dark. The colors of your shelter can make all the difference in how comfortable you feel inside, so it’s important to think about what type will suit best with temperatures drop outside or if its hot during day time.

It’s always a good idea to pack your food in bear-proof containers, however it can be even more important when camping near wild animals. A brightly colored tent may attract these pests and put you at risk for an uncomfortable experience.


White Tents

This is a perfect summer color. White reflects light, which means that it will show any imperfections you may have and make your skin look sunburned even if its not.

You’ll be comfortable in a white tent during even the hottest days because it is cooler, and you will not have to worry about getting dirty from dirt coming through an open door.

White tents are usually more appealing to animals than black ones because of their shiny appearance. This can put your campsite in danger, as some wild cats find white colors attractive and may approach it for a meal.

White tents are not ideal for camping unless you’re in a secure location free of wildlife. They can also prove challenging to keep clean, since it is difficult to access all sides when cleaning up at night.

Red Tents

Red Tents

Red is the color of blood and fire, but it comes with one problem. Red rays absorb light waves on the red spectrum which can heat up your tent interior because there’s no other colors left for you to reflect back into outer space.

A red tent is always an ideal choice for campers who want to avoid getting eaten by cannibals. It provides excellent concealment in areas with lots of wildlife, like tropical jungles or during the height summer months when you might be too lazy to pitch a more traditional shelter and instead just lounge around all day under trees shading your brow from sunburns (or worse).

Dark Color Tents

Dark Color Tents

Black and dark blue tents are terrible when it comes to reflecting light, but they’re excellent at absorbing heat. That means that you’ll feel like oven in your tent during the day with all of those spectrum from solar energy being trapped inside.

The deep colors of a dark-colored tent make it an ideal place to spend the night. The security is enhanced by not only people and wild animals but also heat absorption, which means you’ll sleep well in your cozy campsite.

Portable fans can help you keep your tent ventilated and cool during hot weather. You should also consider a dark color for safety in case it catches on fire, but know the limitations before buying one.

What’s the Best Colors for Canopy Tents

For those who love the outdoors, pup and canopy tents are perfect. These lightweight structures offer protection against sun exposure while still remaining portable enough for you to take anywhere adventure may call your name.

Of course, the best way to stay cool is with a tent that blocks heat and rain. Canopy tops are different than other types because they’re covered in fabric which can be nice during hot weather but also protects you from bugs or sunburns if it’s cloudy out when your camping trip ends. 

A tent with a silver roof is the best choice for those who want cool and comfortable quarters inside. Black canopies reflect virtually no light, so they keep your interior dark while also blocking most warmth from getting into it at night.

What’s the Coolest Tent Colour for Hot Weather When Beach Camping?

Camping on the beach can be tricky. Beaches lack trees that shield you from direct sunlight, which puts your tent at risk of getting sunburned and UV rays.

A dark tent is your best bet when camping near the ocean. Bright colors can be overwhelming in hot weather, so it’s important that you find one with less vibrant shades of blue or green for an enjoyable experience without being too bothered by ugliness.

The best color for a beach tent is dark blue, as it’s UV resistant and will not reflect light. White or yellow tents work poorly on the sand due to their bright colors which makes them difficult if not impossible to find when you’re in need of shelter from harsh sunlight exposure.

Green and silver tents are not the smart choice for a campsite. Seagulls can damage your campsite, so it’s best to avoid these types of shelters if you want a clean site from other animals.

What’s The Best Color Tents if Camping in Hunting Sites

If you want to stay safe while camping, make sure the tent matches what color clothes are worn. Orange tents will help camper remain visible in an area where hunting is common practice for people who hunt with their eyes instead of guns (a vest or backpack).

Orange may not be the best color for camping in hot weather, but it will keep you safe and also deter game. The worst tent to take a hunting site is dark green since there’s low visibility when other people are around which makes them much harder targets.

Conclusion: What Tent Color is Right For Summer Weather?

You want to make sure that you pick out the best tent for camping in hot weather. This is not an easy task because there are so many different options, but it can be done by considering your location and what type of outdoor experience you’re seeking out with this purchase.

Camping should be a fun experience. While you have plenty of options, don’t forget to choose your tent color wisely because if the weather turns bad and it rains or snows then this can lead into having cold wet tents which will make people feel unhappy inside their sleeping quarters at night time while they are trying not get any sleep from all sorts different noises outside such as rustling leaves blowing in winds whistles calling out names over vast open spaces where no one else is around but maybe some hungry bears waiting for dinner time.

And remember, tent color is just one small factor in keeping cool while camping. Picking your perfect match takes time! Check out our guide on how go about choosing the best warm weather tents for you so that it can be an enjoyable experience from start to finish without getting too hot or bothered by bugs  no matter what season outdoor adventure calls upon us next.

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