Ways To Avoid Chiggers While Camping

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  • Date: June 23, 2022
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Chiggers are tiny bugs that feed on human blood. They’re found all over the world, but avoiding them can be easy when you know how. Bug spray with DEET will keep those pesky bugs away while camping and wearing clothes that are tightly woven provides protection from their bites or scratches. It’s also important not to bring rocks around your tent, as chiggers love hiding under logs nearby which can make things even more difficult for them.

Chiggers love camping, Don’t let them get to your skin without taking precautions. You should know how quickly and efficiently get rid of them if they do come into contact with us so that their bites will not leave any nasty marks on our skin.

Chiggers Overview

Chiggers are microscopic arthropods

Chiggers are tiny insects that feed on human skin. They’re not really arthropods, they belong in the same family as spiders and ticks. The adult mites cannot be seen by naked eye because their size is smaller than 1/50th inch. While they don’t pose any threat to humans themselves, their babies (larvae) cause itchy red bumps when deposited in your skin pores by the mother mite during bites.

What Do Chiggers feed on

Chiggers are tiny bugs that feed on the blood of other animals. They normally stay away from humans but sometimes we accidentally become their hosts, which does not give them any nourishment so they die within a few days.

Where can you find Chiggers

Chiggers are a pesky problem for many people, especially those who enjoy camping or spending time in nature. They’re found all over the United States and even outside its borders but they tend to be most prevalent where there is high humidity (the South) or lots of grassland areas with little tree cover such as Midwest farms.

If you happen upon one while outdoors especially during summertime when bugs tend be more active than usual be sure not scratch at their bite because this may cause needed medical attention instead.

Ways to Avoid Chiggers When Camping

Avoid Habitat Chiggers Live

Chiggers are tiny insects that can crawl onto your skin and inject an infection. The best way to avoid them when camping is simply avoiding their habitat. This can be difficult, as you might have to explore and sleep near some areas where they are found commonly.

Therefore, for this reason it is important that before going into any new area on your hike or campfire activity check with an expert (a ranger) about what types of creatures may live there specifically if we want clear shots at staying away from them.

Avoid Forests and Fields

Chiggers live in the forests and fields of America. Avoid them by staying away from tall grasses, weeds, wooded areas that have underbrush or logs at its base this includes National Parks too.

If you’re camping try not to sit directly on ground when possible but rather find a chair instead so as long as there is vegetation nearby your site won’t be infected with chigs while waiting for dinner preparations (and don’t forget about disposal).

If you are out hiking, take care never to go off trail stick close towards the center where clearer paths await if needing rest, stop outside camp sight then use rock over log).

Avoid Summer Seasons

Chiggers are everywhere, but there’s one thing you can do to avoid them when camping stay away from trees and bushes during the day. They become less active in cold weather below 60 degrees Fahrenheit and they die when the temperature is below 42 degrees Fahrenheit  so if your trip will be chilly try going later in fall or early spring.

Ways To Repel Chiggers From You

Insect Repellant

Chiggers are tiny parasites that feed on the blood of animals, including humans. One way to avoid getting chiggled is by using insect repellent containing DEET, this common active ingredient works very well against biting insects like mosquitoes and ticks as well.

You should liberally spray your skin with an approved product (in order not have any unwanted side effects), but make sure you don’t apply it directly onto face or ears because doing so can cause irritation where ever there’s sweat pouring off our body during summer months.

Use Permethrin

Permethrin is both an insecticide and medication used to treat lice. You can spray Permethrin onto your clothing so that chiggers and other bugs that come into contact with the fabric will die upon exposure however, be careful not apply this chemical directly on skin because of its potential side effects like rashes or irritation. This strong repellent has been shown in studies as being quite effective against killing bugs.

Keep Skin Covered

With so many people infected with chiggers and ticks, it is important to wear proper clothing layers. First off try covering all exposed skin with appropriate attire this means wearing long sleeve shirts or dresses that cover your arms down past elbows (to prevent tick bites), pants covered by underwear/stockings combo no bare legs.

Think about how you would protect yourself against these pests when camping bring plenty of repellent lotion & dust masks too.

Helpful Ways To Get Rid and Stop chiggers Spreading

You may not be able to avoid them when camping, but there is a way of getting rid if you catch one in time. The sooner they leave your body the less likely it will spread their annoying bite cells around and make matters worse for yourself.

Use Warm Water

After being exposed to chiggers, take a warm shower as soon as possible. Chigoe fleas don’t burrow into your skin like ticks so they’re much easier (and quicker) to get rid of.

The hot water will help kill any that may still be on your skin and flush out new ones it is important not to wait too long or else, they become embedded in deep pores where there is no escaping them again without medical help.

Take Spare Clothing

To avoid transferring chiggers, change your clothing before entering the car and home. Then place any old clothes in a separate bag so they don’t get access to skin even if it’s already been infected with this pest.

Use Hot Water To Wash Clothing

It’s always a good idea to wash your clothing after leaving an area where chiggers are present, especially if you were wearing garments right when getting bitten.

You can use hot water in order to kill any remaining mites on them and keep these pesky parasites from ever coming back again.

Make sure not only do you wash yourself but also all of your camping gear even though it might seem clean enough at this point (and maybe even feels kind of cozy), there could still easily be more bothering insects hiding out among its fibers somewhere so don’t take chances by ignoring what seems like simple common sense.

Are Chigger Bites Easy To Treat

Chigger bites are tiny, red openings that often itch intensely. Fortunately, they are also small enough to go unnoticed by most people who are exposed to them. However if you notice Your skin is severely allergic and react easily then calamine lotion should help relieve the pain without annoying blisters or lasting scars. Just don’t scratch too much as this can cause infection

You can also try menthol ointment instead which has no side effects on its own but provides relief from itchiness when mixed.

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