The tent you buy should be one that includes all the supplies needed for a weatherproof shelter, including fabric and poles.

So you want to buy a tent but are not sure if the ones available come with stakes?

You’re in luck! We took some time and found out exactly where these cheap, flimsy looking things go when they’re not being used.

Are Stakes Provided With Tents?

Most tents come with tent stakes as standard equipment. If you purchased a tent that didn’t have them, however, don’t worry because most companies make it easy to purchase additional ones separately.

The following tent manufacturers have all expressed a desire to make their products more environmentally friendly.

“Tents do come with stakes, but it is always best practice for an individual to bring their own if possible. We recommend investing in a few good ones as well.

Ozark Trail is a Walmart brand, so I wasn’t able to find an official website for customer service questions. Instead the product support hotline at Ozark trails was helpful in assisting me with my inquiry.

The friendly operator assured me that all Ozark Trail tents come with stakes. While this is only two of many major brands, rest assured most do have them.

Ways to Tell if Stakes Comes With Your Tent

The four main ways to tell if your tent has stakes or any other accessories are as follows:

  1. Description Of Product: it’s always a good idea to check multiple websites if you want the most accurate information about what comes with your product. For example, some companies will mention “included Items” in their descriptions while others don’t even list them at all. Be sure and read through carefully so as not miss anything important.
  2. Read the Packaging: So if you’re like me and want to see the product in person, at a store then scan for mentions of tent pegs or stakes on their packaging. Most products will list what is included near side edge where it says packed inside.
  3. Reviews of Tent: When reading reviews for tents, it’s important to search through the comments and see if anyone mentions whether or not they come with stakes.
  4. Ask the Manufacturer: The best way to tell if your tent comes with stakes is by simply reaching out and asking. Most manufacturers have an online form or chat option, so contact them today.

Is It Important to Stake a Tent?

The best way to stay comfortable when camping is by staying dry, so it’s important that your tent doesn’t get damaged from wind gusts. You can stake out a small garden in most situations but if there are no trees around or other objects nearby for support then you’ll need something else too.

Tents are an investment in your peace of mind and safety. Staking out a tent will ensure that it doesn’t blow away during bad weather, protecting you from being stranded without protection or warmth.

I recommend staking down any new shelter as soon as possible so you can get comfortable with its set up before taking on the adventure.

Are There Better Tent Stake Solutions?

It’s important to invest in high-quality stakes for your tent. The ones that come with most tents are not the best quality and can break easily under pressure  more importantly, they’re designed only when it comes do certain types of camping conditions which you might encounter rather than all possible situations.

Having a variety of tent stakes on hand is better than just using any old ones. But, upgrading to more durable and easier to use alternatives will save you some trouble in the long run.

If you’re looking for an investment that will last, then the best choice is Eurmax Galvanized Steel Tent Stakes. They are designed to penetrate hard soil and have a large head so they can be driven in with ease.

Eurmax Outdoor Hiking Camping Aluminum Multi-Function Tent Hammer Stake

Eurmax Outdoor Hiking Camping Aluminum Multi-Function Tent Hammer Stake

Ground anchor pegs are an essential part of camping in any conditions. They help you secure your tent when on the rain-soaked ground or soft soil, ensuring that it doesn’t get blown away by strong winds.

Fstop Labs Large 10 Inch Outdoor Tent Stakes Ultimate Ground Anchor Pegs

Fstop Labs Large 10 Inch Outdoor Tent Stakes Ultimate Ground Anchor Pegs

Whether you’re hiking or backpacking, having the right tent stakes can make all of your adventures much more comfortable. Coleman’s lightweight and durable ABS plastic stake will keep any shelter securely in place.

Coleman ABS Tent Pegs 9 Inch tent stakes

Coleman ABS Tent Pegs 9 Inch tent stakes