Coleman Propane Tank Handy Information – Refill and How Long They Last?

  • By: Anthony Paton
  • Date: June 23, 2022
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When it comes to outdoor accessories, Coleman specializes in making some of the best. They have a propane tank that can be used for camping and traveling among other things.

The best thing about this product is that it can be used with many different types of grills and stoves. It’s also easy to transport, meaning you won’t have any trouble taking your propane cooker on the go. The fuel source for these devices has made them more popular than ever before; they’re less polluting while still producing enough heat which means safer trips into cold areas during winter months or when camping outside.

You don’t want to think about your Coleman propane tank lasting for only one season. But, like with all things in life it will have its day and then you’ll need another one.

How long does a coleman propane tank last?

The small 1lb propane tank will last for two hours when used with a 75,000 BTU stove and both burners on high flame.

To figure out how long your propane tank will last, just divide 22,000 by the per hour BTU consumption for any given equipment and you’ll get a good estimate on when that specific item’s power source could run out. This calculation is rough because it depends largely upon efficiency but this gives an idea as to why these numbers can be so high in some cases.

The Coleman 16.4 ounce propane tank is a versatile little item that can be attached to many different pieces of equipment for cooking or heating purposes! It’s capable enough in the small appliance department.

Different Types & Sizes of Coleman Propane Tanks

There are many types of propane tanks and cylinders available, depending on your needs. You can choose the right size for you.

The 16oz or ½ pound canister is the most common type for outdoor activities. It weighs 453g and it’s ideal to take along with you on your next camping trip! There are single packs, as well as multiple refills per cylinder so be sure check out what works best before heading out into nature.

The 11 Ib and 5 lb cylinders are also available in the market. Those can be called as a cylinder, which has less diameter but more height compared to others of its kind; they’re usually found with capacities ranging from 100 – 40 or 30.

How to refill Coleman Propane Tank?

We all love to save money and the environment, so why not do it with something as simple as propane tanks? Reusing your old ones can be far more economical than buying new. When you’re low on gas or have used up all there is in one smaller cylinder just refillable for cooking again soon after.

It’s easy to refill your smaller Coleman tank from any larger propane cylinder. All you need is a standard adaptor that can be found at most hardware stores and comes with the necessary valves for filling up, as well.

Follow the following simple steps to refill your Coleman propane tank from a larger cylinder.

1. Place the cylinder correctly

Make sure it is in an upright and stable position. Support the heavier tanks with something sturdy.

2. Screw the adapter

Screw the propane tank refill adapter onto large cylinder nozzle. It must be hand-tight and turned off before you do so, otherwise there could be an accident with fire.

3. Connect the empty tank

Screw the propane tank refill adapter onto large cylinder nozzle. It must be hand tight and turned off before you do so, otherwise there could be an accident with fire.

4.Invert the Larger cylinder upside down

Inverting the connected tanks makes a difference. The large propane tank (refilling) must be placed over the smaller Coleman one, and inverting them helps with speed.

5. Open larger tank valve 

You can hear the noise of pressure transferring between cylinders as you open up a valve, and it’s usually very satisfying. It may take 5-6 minutes for your tank to fill though just make sure that both sides are at equal strength before leaving it sit unattended.

6. Turn Off value and disconnect filled tank

When the smaller tank is full, you can remove it from its adapter and shut off valves on both sides.

If you appreciate a video tutorial, the below video is very helpful

How to safely carry and store Propane tanks while travelling?

When camping or traveling, the propane tanks are easily knocked into things and can fall while handling. This may cause leakage which would be expensive to repair.

The best way to prevent these problems is by using a Coleman propane rubber carrier. It will maintain the integrity and keep any kind of damage away while traveling with just one tank, no matter how long you are out there. The large connector makes it easy for carrying two tanks at once too perfect if your camping trip takes longer than expected.

Safety is always the first priority. A few guidelines should be taken into consideration to ensure safety when making use of propane tanks.

  1. Keep the cylinder clear from direct flames or sources of heat. Most tanks are solidly constructed, but in the event of leaks they could catch the fire.
  2. When not in use ensure that you store your items in an air conditioned and dry area.
  3. When you are using the tank ensure that it is located in an area that’s air conditioned.
  4. Don’t expose the tank to temperatures above 120 ° directly. Pressure rises inside the tank in the event of exposure to heat. The tank may explode, particularly in the case of a tank that is old and has developed internal flaws in welding.
  5. Each tank is marked with an expiry date that is written on the bottom or on the side. Follow the manufacturer’s directions and the recommended methods.


Camping without a propane tank is just not the same. Whether you’re out in nature and need to cook your food over an open fire or if it’s time for some backyard BBQs, these tanks will get everything going right away. You have plenty of sizes available so find one that suits what kind cooking needs there’ll be on any occasion.

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