Camping without air mattresses is not really possible, as they provide the most comfortable sleeping experience.

However, on cold winter nights, they do offer little heat or insulation.

In reality, they can be freezing.

Let’s find out the best ways of keeping an inflatable mattress warm while camping, so that you can have the most restful night’s sleep you can get.

Reason’s Why Your So Cold When You Sleep on a Air Mattress?

You may be surprised to know that sleeping on an air mattress in cold weather can actually make you colder. When lying down, there’s no insulation between your body and the chilly surrounding environment which means all of this time spent outside will seep inside through tiny gaps where heat escapes from our bodies during sleep.

The ground might be colder than your bed, but it’s not as bad this time of year. It will probably feel nice and cozy underneath you when all else fails to keep warm enough by themselves .

It’s a good thing air mattresses are designed to provide comfort on the go. These portable and easy to setup solutions at home or in your hotel room won’t work when it gets too cold outside.

If you want the most comfortable sleep possible, look no further than an insulated air mattress. Sleeping pads are specifically designed for camping and backpacking use with higher R-values that will keep heat from escaping during those cold winter nights spent outside.

Use  a R-value

Mattresses with higher R-values will keep you warmer and more comfortable as your body heat is retained for longer periods of time, instead of escaping into the air. 

Ways You Can Keep Your Air Mattress Warm When Tent Camping

To keep warm while making use of an Air mattress you must include insulation between yourself and the mattress.

This can be done by a variety of methods. Choose the one (or choices) which is the most suitable for you.

Sleeping Bag designed For Cold Weather

The Coleman Mummy Bag is one of the best sleeping bags for chilly conditions, with an warmth rating down to 10 degrees F. It’s wide enough that you can fit two people in there comfortably and includes a hood if needed. These special mummy style bags provide an added layer that insulates against air mattresses making them perfect for winter camping trips when Mother Nature might want her revenge on us.

Coleman Single Mummy Sleeping Bag

coleman mummy sleeping bag

Memory Foam Sleeping Pad

When camping in wintertime, a foam mattress topper can be your best friend. It’s an excellent solution for keeping warm and comfortable while also providing the benefits of insulation from cold weather below freezing points all at once.

The biggest drawback? They’re big and could be heavy, and therefore don’t work well if you’re going hiking or backpacking.

 Foam Camping Mattress

Foam Camping Mattress

Thermal Mattress Topper

Another way to stay warm on cold winter nights is by using a thermal air mattress pad or topper. The reflective metal insulation will capture your body heat and keep you comfortable, naturally. It’s an extra item that we need in our camping trips but it can really make all the difference when outside during these chilly months of year.

Thermal Mattress Topper

Thermal Mattress Topper

Bring Extra Blankets

One way to keep you and your air mattress as cozy on a camping trip is by using blankets. To do this, simply place layers of thick material between yourself and the outdoors these will help insulate so that only one or two need be brought for an entire night’s stay.

Heated Sleeping Bag

Have you ever slept in a sleeping bag with your favorite blanket but it’s not enough to keep warm at night? If so, then this heated air mattress may be the answer. Heating pads designed for camping use can fit inside of them and provide arguably more heat than just using one device alone. The downside is they’re battery operated meaning that having access nearby or buying some sorta power pack would come handy when escape plans go south.

Heated Sleeping Bag multi USB power

Take Extra Clothes to Wear

The more layers you wear, the warmer your body will be. It’s also helpful to put on warm gloves and socks when going outside for long periods of time so that heat doesn’t escape quickly from these areas which are where much loss comes with sleeping curbside or camping out in cold weather conditions like this winter season has been having thus far.

Are Air Mattress’s Good for Cold Weather Camping?

For those who want to stay warm when camping, an air mattress is not the best option. However with a little insulation it can be.

The idea is to add a layer of insulation between you and the cold air mattress. In other words, we want something that will keep us warm so our body doesn’t get too uncomfortable.

The best way to keep warm on the trail is by investing in an insulated sleeping pad with a high R-value of at least 5. This will help lighten your load and avoid extra blankets or clothes from getting wet during especially cold nights, making it perfect for backpacking trips.

Gear Doctors Ultralight 17oz Camping Sleeping pad

They may not be as comfortable as your typical air mattress since they are not as thick, but they make up for it with built in insulation and portability.

By Anthony Paton

Anthony Paton, the outdoorsman who loves to report all sorts of interesting stories about camping in Great Britain. He's based out London and doesn't get much time for himself these days because work commitments keep him away on occasion but does what he can with what little free time there is.