Why spend time camping with your family if you can’t sleep? Air mattresses are the perfect solution for those who want more comfortable sleeping arrangements. These inflatable beds have been designed by experts and will be sure to meet all of our needs when it comes down right snoozing away.

But these same mattresses can feel like you’re sleeping on the cold hard ground if they aren’t properly inflated.

Air mattresses can be pretty uncomfortable, but there are ways to improve their quality. If you’re sleeping on one and want some tips from the pros about making it more comfortable then look no further than this list.

Make Sure You Use a Good Grade Air Mattress

When shopping for an air mattress, it’s important that you buy one with high-quality materials. A old leaky and rock hard inflatable will not be comfortable no matter how much time or effort is put into making them more supportive.

A good air mattress doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, the best ones are affordable and have all of those extra features that you don’t really need.

Air beds are one of the most uncomfortable types of sleeping surfaces because they’re typically made from a hard, inflatable PVC liner. The coldness can be unpleasant at night and it’s difficult to adjust them when you move around in your sleep or want more space for yourself on these substitutes as they tend leak air out easily while laying down.

When searching for the best air mattresses you must address these primary problems by selecting one that is:

  1. An electronic coil, or similar technology that can help enhance the quality of the mattress as well as keep the spine aligned when you sleep.
  2. It is a simple inflating and deflating procedure to rapidly adjust the level of ease of sleeping on the mattress.
  3. A thick, puncture-resistant PVC material that prevents leaks.
  4. Anti-slip bottom to ensure that the mattress doesn’t slide or slide across the place.

EnerPlex Queen Air Mattress for Camping

EnerPlex Queen Air Mattress for Camping

Mattress Topper’s Are very Useful

The next step to increasing comfort on your camping trip will be adding a quality air mattress topper.

You’ll have a variety of options to choose from when it comes time for your camping trip, and they all come down personal preference. How much extra weight you’re willing take with on an outdoor adventure will also determine which option is best suited just as much.

A thick memory foam mattress topper or sleeping pad can make any camping trip more comfortable and luxurious, but it is hard to carry around when hiking.

Foam Camping Mattress

Foam Camping Mattress

Lighter thermal mattress toppers might not offer as much comfort, but they are easier to haul around. Thermally insulated mattresses are an affordable and great alternative if you’re in a hurry or just want your bedding set up quickly!

Thermal Mattress Topper

Thermal Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is a great way to add comfort, floatation and durability. Not only can it improve your sleep experience but you’ll find that the airbed will be less noisy when rolling around at night.

Make Sure The Mattress is Pumped Up Good

The best air mattress combined with a comfortable and supportive mattress will do nothing if it is not properly inflated.

Finding the perfect sleeping position can be difficult, but is something you should test. This where having an easy way to inflate and deflate your air mattress really comes in handy.

You might find that your comfort level changes depending on the inflation level. For some people, they like their mattress really firm and other’s may prefer softer beds with less air inside them to give it a different feel underfoot.

Remember that even the top air mattresses will deflate slightly over the course of the night. You can stop your mattress from deflating when camping by following these steps:

  • Do NOT over-inflate your air mattress.
  • The temperature fluctuations are the primary reason an air mattress inflates (or expands). Make sure to keep an an even temperature within your tent.
  • Keep pets and children from jumping onto the air mattress.
  • Check the air mattress you have purchased and examine the mattress for any leaks prior to every camping excursion.

Regulate Temperature of the Air Mattress

One thing you can’t control in your sleep pattern is temperature. Air mattresses may be the worst at regulating it and will take on whatever air around them, so when there are cold nights outside with a lack of wind or warmth from other sources (i.e., an electric blanket), this causes discomfort for many people.

The best way to deal with this is to provide insulation between you and the air mattress.

The best way to get a great night’s sleep is by using one of many different methods. You can use foam sleeping pads or mattress Toppers, invest in some quality fabric and make your very own bag out if it; there are also other options like buying an expensive brand name product but these tend not be as effective for everyone.

Check out our guide on how to keep an air mattress warm when camping for some tried and tested air mattress hacks to regulate the temperature.

Use of Comfortable Bedding

Arguably, the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent would be if you could mimic your home bed.

Using your favorite pillows, sheets and blankets from home will make camping more comfortable by allowing you sleep on an air mattress with the same comforter or other bedding material.

Elevate Your Air Mattress off the Ground

With air mattresses, one of the most common issues people have is how low they are to the ground. This makes them hard for someone who’s got limited mobility or just wants a comfortable sleeping experience.

The solution to this problem is pretty straightforward – you can either buy an air mattress that inflates higher or put something under it so the height difference will be enough.

The camping cot is a great way to elevate your air mattress, and the two combined can make sleeping in tents even more comfortable.

Its Ivation EZ bed is another great option. It is the most basic of an inflatable bed that has an integrated bed frame that folds down. It is available in queen, twin and King sizes.

Ivation EZ-Bed Air Mattress with Frame

Ivation EZ-Bed (Queen) Air Mattress with Frame

One way to keep your air mattress in good shape is by putting something under it when camping. This will help protect the surface from sharp objects and rough terrain, which can wear down even expensive mattresses over time.

Try To Prevent Mattress sliding

Lastly, keep an eye out for any shifting or sliding when you move at night. You may want to put something down like carpeting so that your Air Mattress doesn’t Move.