How to Remove Tree Sap From Your Hiking Clothes

  • By: Anthony Paton
  • Date: June 23, 2022
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Most times, we can’t seem to know for sure how we ended up with sap stains on our clothe. They can happen when you go hiking you can even end up with a pool of sticky pine resin on your clothing by simply leaning against a tree for support. Luckily, this type of unfortunate incident only needs simple solutions, so do not let those sticky sap bother you because there’s no doubt that this can be annoying and might take a while but getting it out can be quite simple too.

Now if only you have all the simple tools and some domestic supplies, your clothe will be as good as new within a twinkle of an eye.

is Tree Sap Sticky?      

The sap is a sticky substance that carries water, nutrients, a high sugar content, and minerals elements throughout the tree trunks similar to how blood functions in the human body. Needless to state that all trees have sap. Much as we fondly call this sap, it is worthy to know that it’s properly called `Resin’.

Tree resin can also thicken into scabs when it leaks out due to a cut whether this be by insects attacking them, natural disasters such as a storm or earthquake, or cuts made by humans.

It is unpleasant to have resin on your clothe, hair or skin, because once it drops on any of the surface, it begins to harden. Have you ever seen an insect stuck in fossilized tree resin? I guess yes, that would give you an idea of how abrasive tree sap can be.

The sap of plants and animals that has been changed into fossil has been around since the Triassic period about 220 million years ago.

Cleaning Supplies to help Clean Tree Sap From Clothes

  • A perfect scraping tool is an ideal way to get the job done. You can use anything from butter knives, spoons and even Chess board pieces, it mustn’t be sharp, to avoid tearing the clothe.
  • Applying alcohol to make ready the fabric is an easy way of removing any sap or other unwanted substances from it before washing.
  • A toothbrush you no longer want to use for the teeth and a piece of cloth is perfect scrub materials for a tough, deep clean.
  •  There is no cleaning that can be perfectly done without soap or detergents, so we need them.

How to Clean Tree Sap From Your Clothes at Home

If you have pine sap on your clothes, it’s best not to wash them. This will only make the problem worse and may cause more harm than good for those who are trying their hardest at getting rid of this sticky stuff. Grab an old spoon or butter knife (blunt scraper) and spontaneously try to scrape out the sap as much as possible.

Work gently with slow circular motions until all that’s left behind are thin layers. If the tree sap hasn’t still fallen out completely after trying these methods, then try applying bag of ice to harden the sap, thereby helping it to cake and fall out easily.

When you’re finished prepping your clothes, make sure to test any stain remover on a hidden part of the cloth before applying it to the entire garment since there are many different types of cleaning agents out in stores nowadays with varying severity levels depending upon what type/color dye was used when creating these fashionable garments.

Rubbing alcohol works nicely as does avoiding acetone which has harsh chemicals that may leave its effect on the cloth.

Whether you use oil or peanut butter, make sure it is well applied and clean out the sap with a toothbrush or a piece of cloth and let your clothes soak in an enzyme cleaner for 15 – 20 minutes before rinsing.

When the cloth has had enough time to soak, it’s now washday. Wash cloth thoroughly with detergent. Make sure they are rinsed out properly, before putting in a dryer cycle so as not to put any more sap into them than what was already there in first place.

If everything went well after following these steps then congratulations all hope should finally seem attainable at this point because any stains will come right off eventually without too much hassle or difficulty when this process is repeated.

How to Clean Tree Sap From Your Clothes While Hiking

If you’re on a long trip and find yourself with some sap in your clothes, don’t wait to get it off because it can drop on more portion of cloth thereby causing you more harm. But since you are way from home and your entire cleaning agent isn’t nearby, you simply have to improvise.

First, using any blunt object around you, scrape the sap off the cloth, pick out your alcohol based hand sanitizer from the first aid box and apply it on the sap affected area, of course you can use an alcoholic drink in the absence of the hand sanitizer.

Rub gently with a toothbrush, paper towel or your hand so as not to damage the clothe. After a while, when the alcohol has been properly absorbed, wash cloth with soap and water.

How To Remove Tree Sap From Skin or Hair

If you have been unfortunate enough to get sap in your clothing, there’s no need for alarm. All that stands between the stains on our favorite clothes and us are some common household items we can find at any grocery store or pharmacy chances are, you have had to remove sap from your hair and skin as well, the way you take sap of your clothing is the same way you deal with it when its in your hair and skin.

Hand sanitizer works wonders when removing this pesky liquid from the skin or hair. Just make sure not to leave it too long before washing with soap and mild shampoo.

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