When you get home from a camping trip, the first thing that usually happens is getting dirty clothes off of yourself and putting them in with water to wash. You bang out your boots if they are covered in dust or mud before hanging up all those nice clean t shirts for next time.

It’s incredible how many people just leave their tent packed away, waiting for the next trip.

Whether you’re an avid camper or novice, it’s inevitable that your tent will accumulate dirt and dust while out on the trail.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Wash a Tent

Tents are not just big pieces of fabric. They have been carefully designed to offer specific qualities that make them perfect for certain activities and environments, making it important to take care when using one in order avoid ruining its integrity as well as your own safety.

We’ve made plenty of mistakes, but that just means we know what works. Follow these steps to get your tent looking great for years.

There are two main ways to clean a tent.

The best way to clean your tent depends on how much space you have, the type of dirt involved and what kind cleaner is needed.

The first cleaning method involves setting up your tent in your yard.

Once the tent is up, spray the tent down with the hose, then clean it using water and soap. It’s like washing your car.

If you’ve got room for it, this is the most effective method of spotting your tent when cleaning. Make use of this method if you know there are multiple, particular areas in your tent that require attention.

The other option is to set the tent in a big tub or bucket.

If you opt for this method it will feel like you were hand washing your clothes. This technique allows for the fabric to absorb, and for soap to get into the fabrics.

This is a gooddeal when your tent requires an extensive, thorough washing. But, it’s difficult to clean the spot with the canvas piled together in the small space.

No matter which method you select the next steps are identical.

If you’re cleaning your tent that’s erected or soaking in the tub it is recommended to use moderate detergent (like dishwashing soap) or a cleaner that is specifically designed for outdoor equipment. Certain chemicals aren’t compatible with waterproofing or high-tech fabrics. Make sure that the material you’re using won’t end up harming your tent.

Step 1: Spot Clean Your Tent

Spot cleaning is the best option for getting rid of stains on your tent. Use a toothbrush or other firm, but gentle tool to help eliminate these problems before they get worse and ruin everything.

Step 2: Wash  Tent

Make sure you wash down the rest of your tent with soap and a sponge after this. The job won’t be finished until every inch is clean, so don’t skip any areas.

To keep your tent in tip top shape, don’t forget about the zippers and seams! These areas are often where dirt trapping spots first appear.

Step 3: Dry And Rinse your Tent

Make sure you rinse all of the cleaner away as it might cause deterioration or stickiness on your tent’s surface.

After you hang the fabric to dry, it’s important that they are completely dried before packing away. Putting wet tents in a clothes dryer will lead to mold or mildew.