When you’re out in the wilderness, safety is always a concern. You never know what might be hiding around any corner or how vicious nature can get, so it’s good to have some precautions taken before setting up camp for yourself.

It’s always important to be aware of the dangers in your own tent, and that includes threats like tent heaters.

Who needs a campfire when you have this sleek, portable Mr Buddy Heater? Whether its for solo use or with friends and family the Mr buddy heater provides all day comfort anywhere. It’s safe in any tent.

Can a Mr. Buddy Heater be used in a Tent?

For those of us who live in colder climates, a portable Mr. Heater Buddy Tent Heater is an invaluable tool for keeping the warmth and coziness inside your tent or enclosed shelter when outside conditions are not ideal. The safety features like ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor) that prevent overheating will keep this heater safe while camping at any time.

When heating your tent with any type of heater, there are some potential risks involved. Even the built-in safety features on Buddy Heaters can fail and you risk not only damaging or destroying your shelter but being injured–or worse yet injury death.

Buddy Heater Safety Tips

When it comes to safety, I don’t like cutting any corners. And since using a Buddy Heater in my tent for several years now has shown me some tips on how they could be improved and minimize potential risks associated with this product.

Protecting Yourself From Carbon Monoxide

When you think about the potential risks associated with tent heaters, one thing that might come to mind is fire. But if your concern regards carbon monoxide poisoning from propane-powered units then be sure not overlook this risk.

One of the best features about Buddy Heaters is that they have a built-in oxygen depletion sensor which shuts off when it detects low levels. This helps ensure your propane unit won’t run out and saves you from burning down your home by accident.

Due to the risk of failure, I don’t recommend placing your life in this one safety feature’s hands it could fail at any time.

A carbon monoxide alarm is a great idea for anyone who camps with gas heaters. A battery powered CO detector will help give you peace of mind when camping in cold weather and can detect the dangers before it’s too late.

Kidde Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm 

kidde smoke alarm

Have Ventilation

The importance of ventilation can’t be understated. Carbon monoxide is one potential risk found in tents, so proper airflow and circulation are necessary for your safety.

Open a vent at the bottom of your tent and one in front, near where you would sit. This may be an open door for the bottom most ventilation opening or just some mesh equipped window cutouts on top that allow air to flow through easily without letting rain inside (if there are no other vents).

The vent on top not only prevents heat loss but also keeps moisture from accumulating inside your tent.

Heater Footing

Buddy Heater’s shut-off feature is an accidental tip over that will, just like it sounds, cut off your heater in case of a unit slippage this way the fire risk would be eliminated.

We know that no one likes to place their safety in the hands of something which could potentially be defective at any time.

Don’t put your buddy heater on the floor of a tent. Make sure it’s elevated and in contact with fire resistant materials, like metal sheets or coolers to avoid any risks during use.

Heater Location Is Important

It is important that your heater has the best footing possible, but it also needs to be in a safe place. You don’t want anything flammable near where there would otherwise only be heaters.

Your sleeping bag, air bed and even your tent walls could potentially catch fire if you bring a portable heater too close to them.

Make sure you place your heater underneath the highest point in order to avoid melting any parts of tent. Make sure to leave at least 1-2 feet of space around your tent heater.

Is It Safe to Sleep With a Buddy Heater On?

Heating your tent while you sleep is not recommended. Even with the built in safety features  oxygen depletion sensor and accidental tip over switch it still only takes one of those to fail, for serious injury or death to occur.

Is it safe to Use My Buddy Heater in My Camper?

With the proper safety tips, you can safely use your Buddy Heater in an RV or camper. Just be sure not leave it unattended and never sleep while its on.

By Anthony Paton

Anthony Paton, the outdoorsman who loves to report all sorts of interesting stories about camping in Great Britain. He's based out London and doesn't get much time for himself these days because work commitments keep him away on occasion but does what he can with what little free time there is.